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Begining of ''Mon Chérie''

My name is Cherie, my hobby and passion has been with horses all my life, My inspiration on starting my online shop began with making my own custom equipment for my dressage shows following with the bundles of attention it brought from the lovely fellow riders at the comps.

Im really new in the business world and would love to see my own horse brand pop off and take out onto the trails, purchasing my newly made saddle blankets will entirely support my goal of starting my first business, I really hope to see my brand name make a mark in the pony world, it would be my dream.

I wanted to share my designs and see my work take off as a new and beautiful take on the same simple and basic designed, over priced saddle pads we all see on the market.

You can follow me and support my passion on my Instagram @moncheriesaddlepads

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'' Mon Chérie ''

On my shop, I create and design my own unique saddle pads and a few other equine products which I wish to share and sell to my fellow horse addicts out there. I would love to hear from you about any custom ideas you have of your own which I will be pleased to make for you. No need to worry about sizing, any size you request can be made upon a request within a short time of notice.

My love and passion for my horses and ponies have given my the motivation to hopefully start and begin my new brand ''Mon Chérie'' as a Equine brand in my own vision, please don't hesitate to ask any questions via my email, and please come visit my Instagram to join me in my progress :)

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